Things to know whilst staying

Check-In Time - 03:00 PM

Kerikeri Glamping: is an adults only glampsite.

Damage or loss: We are proud that Kerikeri Glamping is a safe place to be but we cannot accept liability for damage to or loss of your property or vehicle.

Weather: We will endeavour to do our best to make your stay enjoyable whilst taking no responsibility for the weather. All guests should come prepared for rain and sunshine and bring suitable clothing and footwear. 

Insects: Please remember to bring insect repellent. We hope you understand that for safety reasons we do not allow smoking repellents inside the tent. 

Noise: Guests generally come to Kerikeri Glamping for peace and quiet. We kindly ask you to respect the other guests by not making too much noise. Amplified music is not permitted. If guests cause an unreasonable disturbance we reserve the right to ask them to leave and/or to charge them for any compensation we may have to offer to other guests. We operate a quiet time between 10pm and 9am

Smoking: We kindly ask you not to smoke inside the living space.

Check-Out Time - 10:00 AM

Driving on site: Guests are strictly not allowed to drive anywhere other than to the to the carparking area. No driving on the grass at any time is permitted.

Cleaning and rubbish: Guests are asked to empty their rubbish in the bins provided. We are very grateful if you can leave your living space as you found it.

Outdoor shoes: should not be worn inside; please bring slippers or other easy to kick off footwear.

Shared Areas:  Please leave the shared areas i.e Kitchen and Bathrooms clean and tidy for other guests to enjoy.

Fires. No candles or paraffin lamps or other ignition source may be burned in the tents at any time.

Breakages: We realise that glasses or crockery may occasionally get broken and will not charge for small breakages, although we do appreciate a small donation to replace broken or damaged items. If you cause considerable damage to your living space or any of the furnishings, the guest will be liable for adequate recompense to cover the cost of replacement. 

Safety:  We ask our guests to ensure that they have torches in case on the very rare occasion there is a power outage. Please do not wander around the land during night fall as we have kept the land as close to nature as possible and there are many hidden streams, sharp drops, tree roots and rocks off the paths and outside the main camp area.

Electricity. We have electricity. On the very rare occasion we may have a power outage as we are in the Bay of Islands we do not offer refunds if this does happened but it rarely ever happens.